There’s been some negative press around multi fuel & wood burning stoves recently. You may have heard about the government wanting to clamp down on wood burners in an effort to improve the air quality in the UK – although this was all a little misleading.

The main issue regarding wood burners and air quality is about the fuel being burned, specifically wet or unseasoned wood. However, it is true that some stoves are not as eco-friendly as others, and older stoves can be particularly guilty of this. In 2022, new regulations will come into force meaning that any new stoves fitted will have to meet much more stringent emission tests.

How the Stove Scrappage Scheme Work

1. Choose your New Eco-Design Stove from our Showroom.
2. We come and fit your New Stove and take the old one away.
3. We sign off the installation with building control
4. You have a nice new Stove fully compliant with the new 2022 regulations.


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